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Frequently Asked Questions

What's Special about Market Zones?

Based on a decade's worth of technical indicators research Market Zones breaks up the Market Visually into "Zones" that can indicate oversold, overbought and technical analysis "Fair Value" Middle Zone; there is no other Product out there like this as far as we are aware!

What Markets are supported?

Market Zones is only available on Tradestation Desktop for any instrument chartable there including Equities, Futures, Forex, works on several standard Tradestation chart types such as all Time Based, Tick, Volume.  

To be emphasized there are numerous very thinly traded securities like penny stocks or other instruments that may not have enough historical data for the Market Zones Algorithm to work or even if applied to the Chart successfully may not be meaningful.   

How do I use Market Zones?

There is no single right answer, this is a revolutionary new way of considering a market chart.   It is like opening up a hitherto hidden dimension, of various Zones at a glance see where the Market Middle Technical "Fair Price" and the potential future price layers of price levels are, all calculated based on the price history

Traders may incorporate Market Zones in different ways at the simplest Avoiding Buying at the Extreme Upper or Shorting Extreme Lower; and for More Experienced Traders provides rolling key price levels, enabling overall better trading decision making

Can it be used for Day Trading?

Yes, all trading styles day, swing, intermediate, long-term traders can leverage Market Zones Indicator by Applying the Indicator to their favorite time-frames.

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