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Market Zones

Anticipate Market Movements by Tracking "Technical Analysis Fair Value" and Extremes! 

Click Here Market Zones Expectation of Bitcoin Price Fall Months in Advance (Oct 2021)!

Available as a Tradestation Indicator or as Analysis Subscription (Monthly/On Demand)!

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Detect Chart "Fair Value"

All Zones Ranges are evident simultaneously at a glance anticipate well in advance potential future price movement is a real breakthrough technology!   

Revolutionary new visually Intuitive "at a glance" situational awareness of over-bought (Upper Extreme) over-sold (Lower Extreme), and where the Market (Technical Analysis) "Fair Price" would be (Middle)

Prices travel all around the Zones, sometimes traveling to Extremes in either direction that tend to be "pulled back" - sort of like Gravity - toward the "Fair Value" Middle Zone 

  • Visually shows tradeable zones (Middle, Upper, Lower Zones) with precise levels that evolve with the Price Action 

    • In these Zones Consider Both Long or Short Trades because there is room for price to move in either direction.​

    • Cross overs or under the Middle, Upper and Lower Zone Lines can be helpful especially if combined with other indicators or information 

  • Extreme Zones depict the Maximal Ranges Prices, and if Price actually reaches there or exceeds, look for Reversal is in the cards towards the direction of the Middle Zone ("Fair Price")

    • If in the Upper Extreme, be cautious Buying and Consider Shorting especially when price crosses below the Upper Extreme Lines, headed back to the Middle​

    • If in the Lower Extreme be cautious Shorting and Consider Buying especially when Price crosses above the Lower Extreme Lines, heading back toward the Middle

    • Extreme Zones can also be treated as Exit areas for any Trades Entered in the Middle, Upper or Lower Zones

    • If Zone Lines are relatively narrowly spaced (close together) then chances of price traveling beyond Extreme Zones is more likely than when the lines are widely spaced higher chance of a reversal without exceeding the maximal Extreme Lines

  • Apply Market Zones to Multiple Time-Frames Charts to obtain a thorough picture by Analyzing Market Price Position Across Daily, Various Time-Frame Charts.   See Blog for Examples

Available for Tradestation Desktop 9.5 or Above 

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